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We are so pleased that you’re renewing your membership! Here are the steps you’ll need to take to renew. If you have any questions during this process, email the membership director at [email protected].

Watch the Video to Find Out How to Renew or Read the Instructions Below

Step 1: Find Your Email Address & Password You Used to Set Up Your Current Account

To renew your membership, you’ll need to know the email address and password for your account. If you’re unsure which email address you used to sign up, search in your email Inbox for this phrase:

login information

These keywords should bring up your original confirmation email, provided it’s the right email account, and you did not delete the original message. Once you’ve found the right email address you can use the “Forgot Password” link to get a new password sent to you.

Step 2: Login Into the Website

With your email address and password, go to:

Enter your email address (which is the same as your username) into the Email field at the top of the page. Enter your password in to the Password field. Click on “Login”.

Step 3: Go to the Profile Page and Click “Renew”

Click on the “View profile” link in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you to a page with the title “My Profile”. Scroll down to the area that says “Membership Details”.

Click on the button that says “Renew Until…” to renew, or you can select the “Change membership level” button to change your membership level before renewing.

Why Renew?

Are you wondering if renewing your membership is the right thing to do? Reacquaint yourself with the benefits of membership.

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