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Why Join UMTIA?

Why would you want to join the Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association (UMTIA)? In addition to providing opportunities to improve your translating or interpreting skills through participation in training workshops, UMTIA also offers other benefits, both to you and to the larger community. A member list allows the public to find a translator or interpreter in the language pair they need. Our website and Facebook pages can keep you informed about the latest information and job offers in the two fields. We offer scholarships to members studying in the field of interpreting. Furthermore, through participation in UMTIA, you can more effectively serve the community of non-native speakers and educate the public on the need for and benefits of clear communication between languages and cultures.

Here’s a more detailed look at some of the benefits that you will enjoy as an UMTIA member:

Increase Your Visibility

Members of UMTIA get to join our online membership directory. The membership directory is used by your colleagues, and potential employers to identify translators and interpreters they may want to work with.

Make Personal Connections That Count

Connect with your colleagues, share knowledge and experiences, learn from experts, and mentor others. Being a part of UMTIA also means meeting with other translators and interpreters who share your interests and challenges through our many different events.

Through workshops, member meetings, and other special events, UMTIA provides members with the opportunity to make important and valuable connections with fellow interpreters and translators. These connections make it easier to:

  • Discuss vocabulary
  • Build glossaries
  • Study for certification exams
  • Discuss ethical dilemmas
  • Support each other through the professions’ challenges and rewards

Network with interpreter services managers, agencies, translation and interpreting organizations as well as other potential employers and local language professionals!

Continue Your Education

Whether you’re required to get Continuing Education or just want to hone your skills, UMTIA provides learning programs and networking opportunities that will help you keep your skills marketable.

Stay Informed and Follow Industry Trends

Track trends in the field, as well as public policy that could affect your livelihood. Members receive updates that keep them informed. Get the news and information that affects you and your profession.

As a member you will receive updates on the latest advances in the fields, industry trends and challenges, legislative changes, professional development and continuing education announcements, job openings, local, national, and international events, and relevant news articles.

Give Back and Shape the Field

Participating in UMTIA is a terrific way to support and promote the field of interpreting and translation, and to help shape the form it will take in the future. UMTIA’s programming provides a venue through which your voice can be heard. Your participation and contribution can help influence and shape the future of our professions.

Contribute to justice and well-being for others

Correct interpreting is necessary in order to help avoid unjust convictions or incorrect diagnosis, even saving lives. Correct translation can help people communicate, can allow participation in society of those who speak minority languages, can make legal and medical processes, which contribute to the access to these services and justice for all, possible. When we join together to increase and maintain the standards in our field, we are helping create a society in which all people are heard and understood, and you can be a part of that.

Build Up Your Resume

Add UMTIA to your professional associations category.  And if you volunteer, add UMTIA to your volunteer activities category too!  Potential employers will recognize your interest in and commitment to your craft.

Access Discounts

Receive discounted rates at professional development and continuing education opportunities. UMTIA presents many workshops and speakers on translation, interpreting, language technologies and terminology, business practices, as well as large full day conferences, where you can earn CEUs to fulfill ATA or other professional organization certification continuing education requirements.

Joining UMTIA is an Investment in Your Career

As you can see from the benefits above joining UMTIA is a great opportunity to improve your skills, meet colleagues and give back to the field. Visit our programs area to see the type of programming that members get access to. If you have further questions about membership, email the membership director at [email protected].

Are you convinced? Fill out our online application and join UMTIA now.

Who Can Join?

UMTIA membership is open to anyone that’s working professionally in the fields of interpreting or translating (including ASL!), as well as anyone who simply wants to support the field. We also have corporate and institutional memberships available.

Currently we have committees that meet to serve the needs of members who work in translation, and medical, legal and educational interpretation. Committees are the backbone of UMTIA! Work together to steer the organization and the professions forward.

UMTIA depends on its membership to continue to grow and offer more programs for the betterment of both professions. Being part of an association gets everyone behind you, together working toward a common goal. We hope you will join UMTIA and become part of a force that can make a difference in your daily work life and in these professions as a whole.

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The Upper Midwest Translators and Interpreters Association (UMTIA) has a lot to offer those who care about bettering their skills as well as working to improve the quality of the fields of translating and interpreting.

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