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Winter 2018 Translators Café on December 6, 2018

When: Thursday, December 6, 2018                 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Where: Peace Coffee (Wonderland Park)                3262 Minnehaha Ave               Minneapolis, MN 55406 Cost: FREE (registration is required here) UMTIA is happy to announce another meeting of the Translators Café, an opportunity for translators… READ MORE »

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VIDEO: One culture, two generations: Learning my mother tongue

Born and raised in Birmingham, Lola is both British and Nigerian. As the oldest daughter, she started the first generation of British-Nigerian in her family. But to what extent can she lay claim to being Nigerian when she cannot speak her mother tongue? This black history month Lola and her mum Habiba have a candid… READ MORE »

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RESOURCE: In Search of the Right Equivalents for Medical Terms

Silvia Schrage offers an incredible article for medical translators that will also help interpreters. Her piece tackles in depth and in detail how to find equivalents for medical terms in another language. Often, selecting an equivalent term or phrase can seem deceptively easy. This article correctly points out how tricky accuracy can be in medical translation—yet also… READ MORE »

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Teaching Arabic in French Schools to Halt Radicalization

Teaching Arabic in French Schools to Halt Radicalization Quartz (NY) (09/25/18) Timsit, Annabelle France has tried several controversial tactics to stop the rise of Islamism in the country, so far with little success. Now, a former French government official has a novel suggestion: to prevent young people from becoming radicalized, start teaching Arabic in public… READ MORE »

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The One Writing Skill You Must Master

Do you know what a “full stop” is? See what this BBC writer has to say about it and how the digital age has caused us to write as if we’re talking. Is writing really a conversation… READ MORE »

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