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**New Trends in Translator Pay**

Historically, most freelance translators have been paid by the word. Is pay by the hour in their future? A new article in Slator suggests that perhaps a trend in Australia may be coming to a translator near you. A large Australian translation company discovered that their translators, thanks to translation technology, could now translate 1,000… Read more

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RESOURCE: In Search of the Right Equivalents for Medical Terms

Silvia Schrage offers an incredible article for medical translators that will also help interpreters. Her piece tackles in depth and in detail how to find equivalents for medical terms in another language. Often, selecting an equivalent term or phrase can seem deceptively easy. This article correctly points out how tricky accuracy can be in medical translation—yet also… Read more

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How translation apps iron out embarrassing gaffes

  Translation apps are getting better, but they’re still not perfect, particularly for minority languages. Can artificial intelligence and deep neural networks help iron out the glitches? To read more about the state of machine translation, see the BBC article in full here… Read more

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UMTIA would like to take a moment to recognize the many excellent translators & interpreters out there both here in Minnesota and beyond! We appreciate all the great work you do and the huge effort you make to do quality work and be the best you can be. We know you aren’t recognized enough! And… Read more

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Sept 25-26, 2018: SDL Virtual Event & International Translation Day

International Translation Day event September 25th & 26th 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM GMT Join for a FREE event September 25-26th celebrating International Translation Day! 50+ hours of content, Chat, Live Q&A & more. Join 1,000’s of linguists from around the globe as celebrates International Translation Day. Online sessions, panel discussions, focus groups… Read more

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