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RESOURCE: In Search of the Right Equivalents for Medical Terms

Silvia Schrage offers an incredible article for medical translators that will also help interpreters. Her piece tackles in depth and in detail how to find equivalents for medical terms in another language. Often, selecting an equivalent term or phrase can seem deceptively easy. This article correctly points out how tricky accuracy can be in medical translation—yet also… Read more

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Resource: How Interpreters Self-Regulate by Rachel Herring!

This week’s resource is a brand-new PhD thesis by a veteran college instructor, Rachel Herring. Of note: her dissertation director is the world-renowned researcher on interpreting: Barbara Moser-Mercer of the University of Geneva. Herring’s topic is dialogue interpreting (often, though not always, a synonym for community interpreting). The thesis explores the many ways that interpreters monitor their… Read more

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List of language podcasts for word nerds

Do you spend your morning commute staring out of the window aimlessly and not knowing what to do with yourself? Well, TermCoord has got you covered! Here is a great list of top language podcasts that will definitely keep you entertained and informed on your journey to work. To see what 9 podcasts are being… Read more

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Free Webinar about the ATA Certification Process 8/25/18

. Have you ever considered becoming ATA certified? It’s a tough and rigorous process with great rewards! . The benefits and advantages to ATA certification are many. Becoming ATA certified doesn’t just boost your own career; it helps to elevate and professionalize our industry as a whole. Therefore, working toward ATA certification is well worth… Read more

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2018 MATI Annual Conference in Indianapolis on 9/29/18

Save the date for the 2018 MATI ANNUAL CONFERENCE September 29, 2018 8:00 am – 6:30 pm Located at: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Campus Center 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN REGISTER TODAY… Read more

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