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The Amazing Benefits of Being Bilingual

Could it be that the human brain evolved to be multilingual – that those who speak only one language are not exploiting their full potential? And in a world that is losing languages faster than ever – at the current rate of one a fortnight, half our languages will be extinct by the end of the century – what will happen if the current rich diversity of languages disappears and most of us end up speaking only one?

Did you know there are health benefits to speaking more than one language? It’s true – people who are bilingual or multilingual recover faster from strokes and have a more delayed onset of dementia.

To read more about the many advantages of being bilingual or multilingual, see the BBC article here. See if you can find the part that talks about “How to learn 30 languages” and become a “hyper-polyglot” (who speaks at least 10 languages!)


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