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UMTIA Hmong Translations Workshop Presented in English on 8/2/18

Hmong Translations Workshop

(presented in English)

WHEN:  Thursday, August 2, 2018

              6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

WHERE:  United & Children’s Hospital
                Conference Hall – Lower level
                John Nasseff Heart Center
                225 Smith Avenue North
               St. Paul, MN 55102

CEU:        2 ATA CE points 

COST:      $ 20 for members
$ 30 for non-members

                 $ 40 on-site registration  

Many interpreters are hesitant to become document translators because interpreting and translating are different skill sets. This can be especially challenging for Hmong translation, since Hmong is not an officially standardized or codified language. 

This workshop will introduce Hmong interpreters to how to get started as a freelance translator and provide an overview of current work opportunities for Hmong<>English translators. 

We will discuss challenges common to translators in general and those specific to translators working with the Hmong language. There will also be a review of current opportunities for formal translation training for those desiring to acquire or improve translation skills.


Presented by: Elizabeth Frohn

Elizabeth Frohn is an English<>Hmong interpreter with CORECHI™ certification, with a rating of Superior for both English and Hmong by the ACTFL OPI, and has worked as a staff interpreter for two healthcare organizations in Minnesota. In addition to working with multiple interpreting agencies, Elizabeth is also a top rated freelance translator on and currently does contract translation work for over 40 companies worldwide. She is a graduate of the Century College TRIN program and is a licensed trainer of TCII®, and also currently serves as a member of the Century College TRIN Advisory Board.

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