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Mosaic Medical in Oregon Scores a Language Proficiency Test Grant

We heard exciting news from a licensed trainer at Mosaic Medical, a nonprofit community health center system in Oregon. Jacqueline Hinds never stopped pushing for quality language proficiency testing. That can be a courageous thing to do. (And often frustrating.) She won!

What was the result? The leading language testing organization in the field is Language Testing International (LTI). LTI recently held a “Share Your Success Story” campaign. Here is what Jacquie wrote to us:

Your passionate recommendation for the LTI/ACTFL language proficiency test has helped improve our language access services here at Mosaic Medical.  After becoming a licensed TCII trainer, I folded this oral testing platform into our training program with great success.

And guess what?  We just won a grant from LTI for telling our success story.  This money will go to further improving our language access services and department.

Go Jacquie and Mosaic! (And kudos to the state of Oregon, which requires language proficiency testing for interpreters!)


Article originally found in INTERSECT weekly update from March 2, 2018.

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