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What do you mean I’m not perfect in every way?!?

“I don’t have to listen to that nonsense!” says my ego every time someone criticizes me.  “They just want to bring me down, they envy my brilliance.  My parents think I’m the most awesome-est person alive.  Yes, that’s how superlative I am.” Then reason kicks in and asks: “What if they’re right?  What if there… READ MORE »

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What does it mean to be certified?

To be or not to be—a certified linguist, that is. The meaning of certification in our profession today has taken on a host of meanings, and this is not always a good thing. With end users of interpreting and translation becoming more aware of the importance of certification in specific settings, it is useful to… READ MORE »

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Lawyer Threatened Rape Victim with Deportation

A rape trial set to begin yesterday in Baltimore has been postponed. The lawyer for the accused was recorded both offering $3,000 to the victim not to testify--and threatening her. He said she risked deportation under the Trump administration if she testified.  . The lawyer has been arrested. So has his interpreter. The lawyer warned… READ MORE »

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A Translator’s Review of the Box-Office Smash Arrival

The translation world has been abuzz about the film Arrival since it was released on November 11, 2016. Translators have been intrigued—and some would go so far as to say flattered—by the elevated position a language expert is given in a Hollywood blockbuster. On top of that, the starring translator is tasked with saving the planet… READ MORE »

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NLRB backs union charges in immigration interpreter organizing drive

After a lengthy investigation into more than a dozen charges of anti-union activity, the National Labor Relations Board is preparing to issue a formal complaint against SOS International, a federal contractor that provides language-interpreting services for the immigration courts, The NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America announced today. The NLRB’s Los Angeles region said it will issue… READ MORE »

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