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InterpretTIP: Taking Notes

This week’s InterpreTIP focuses on how legal and medical interpreters should handle the notes they take during the session. Is the answer different for legal vs. medical interpreters? Tune in to find out!  . Article originally found in INTERSECT weekly update from July 7, 2017… READ MORE »

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Summer 2017 Translators Cafe

Translators Café . UMTIA is happy to announce the continuation of our Translators Café, an opportunity for translators in the area to meet twice a year and share our experiences. This meeting of the Translators Café will have as a goal to provide the opportunity to discuss some of the issues, frustrations, and joys of being… READ MORE »

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UMTIA Interpreter Support Group – TOMORROW 7/22/17!

Has it been a long week? Are you feeling burnt out? Are the daily frustrations of your work catching up to you? UMTIA will be hosting another interpreter support group tomorrow, 7/22/17, from 9:00-11:00am. You can pre-register here or just show up. This is a safe space to give and receive support. It's only a… READ MORE »

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Google’s Most Translated word is …… Beautiful!!

  An article in slator alerted us: Google News Lab has worked with a data visualization company called Virtual Cinnamon to create an amazing, interactive display of international translation. The display features the top 10 nouns and adjectives translated into English by Google—and the top 10 words for 9 other languages. Play with it. Most of… READ MORE »

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July 29th, 2017 – Translators and Interpreters Walk and Share

The alumni and students of Century College have created a hiking group called Translators & Interpreters Walk & Share. We would like to invite all Twin Cities interpreters to walk with us! We will get together once a month during the beautiful months of May, July and September to walk and talk. A healthy walk will provide us with both physical and… READ MORE »

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