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Couples Counseling: Reimagining the Freelancer–Company Relationship, Part II

It is naïve (and not even necessarily desirable) to think that all companies and freelancers will be able to work with each other successfully, but there are matches out there for all of us; we just have to work to find them. Here we have a key set of rules we can follow to get… READ MORE »

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Andrew Byrd, an assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Kentucky, has just completed a project of a lifetime, creating ancient languages for National Geographic Channel's new series "Origins: The Journey of Humankind."... To read this article in ATA's Newsbriefs from 04/07/17  you can click here.    … READ MORE »

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Self-Study and Training Materials Recommended by UMTIA Board

Looking to take your translation or interpreting to the next level? Interested in doing some self-study? These books come highly recommended from one of the UMTIA Board members who also teaches translation courses. The authors are all practicing translators, interpreters or translator/interpreter trainers in the fields concerned. Each volume contains activities and exercises as well as expert advice… READ MORE »

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What do you mean I’m not perfect in every way?!?

“I don’t have to listen to that nonsense!” says my ego every time someone criticizes me.  “They just want to bring me down, they envy my brilliance.  My parents think I’m the most awesome-est person alive.  Yes, that’s how superlative I am.” Then reason kicks in and asks: “What if they’re right?  What if there… READ MORE »

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What does it mean to be certified?

To be or not to be—a certified linguist, that is. The meaning of certification in our profession today has taken on a host of meanings, and this is not always a good thing. With end users of interpreting and translation becoming more aware of the importance of certification in specific settings, it is useful to… READ MORE »

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