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2018 MATI Annual Conference in Indianapolis on 9/29/18

Save the date for the 2018 MATI ANNUAL CONFERENCE September 29, 2018 8:00 am – 6:30 pm Located at: Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis Campus Center 420 University Blvd, Indianapolis, IN REGISTER TODAY… READ MORE »

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VIDEO: Interview with Cristiano Mazzei, Former TRIN Program Director at Century College

Check out this 10-minute interview where Cristiano Mazzei explains the complexities of interpreting and translating, particularly conference interpreting in situations such as meetings with foreign dignitaries, like Trump’s recent summits with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un. Here Cristiano talks about the knowledge & skills required, the element of trust, note-taking, topic preparation and much more… READ MORE »

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8/14/18 MATI Webinar: Top Tips from My First Three Years as a Freelance Translator

Webinars are back from summer break! Join MATI on Tuesday, August 14th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm (central time) for another amazing webinar, “Top Tips from My First Three Years as a Freelance Translator”  by Meghan McCallum Calling all newbies: congratulations on taking the plunge into freelancing! You’ve got a good foundation of translation skills to get started, but… READ MORE »

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A Hug for the Interpreter: My First Experience with Social Services Interpreting

Here about this legal interpreter’s experience taking a dive into social services interpreting as she does a home visit in this article on the NAJIT blog! The last line of the article sums it up best: “You see, Miranda helped me realize that good interpreting is important not only in serious court cases or life… READ MORE »

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Federal Court Interpreter Certification Scandal Erupts Again

It’s a sad mess. Tony Rosado’s recent blog highlights the latest episode in the saga of U.S. federal court interpreter certification. To refresh your memory, the U.S. federal court interpreter exam (English-Spanish only), is the toughest certification in this country for interpreters. The annual official pass rate is between 4 and 5 percent. But last year interpreters… READ MORE »

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