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Compiling a Medical Interpreter’s Glossary: Obstetrics, Gynecology and Genetic Counseling

It often takes months or years of interpreting across different specialties of medicine to learn, translate and classify medical terminology into a personal, comprehensive glossary. This workshop is designed to help you to begin compiling one such glossary for the specialty of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Genetic Counseling. Presented by a medical interpreter to fellow interpreters, it’s intent is not to elaborate on the science behind each medical term but to define, organize and translate the terminology we have learned through our experience as medical interpreters

After a presentation of the basic concepts and most commonly used terms in OB/GYN and Genetic Counseling, each participant will receive a copy of the terminology. The participants will then work on translating the terminology in their language groups. The last hour will be reserved for general comments about the solutions for the difficult terms as well as a group discussion about how to prevent our personal beliefs and experiences from affecting the delivery of interpretation and the final health care outcome for the patient.

Elma Johnson presenting at the ObGyn Glossary creation Workshop

Elma Johnson presenting at the ObGyn Glossary creation Workshop

Presenter: Elma Johnson has been working as a Spanish, Bosnian and English medical interpreter in Interpreting Services department at HCMC since 2004. Originally from Bosnia, Elma lived in Spain for 11 years where she also finished her BA in Business Administration and Management.







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