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InterpretTIP: Taking Notes

This week’s InterpreTIP focuses on how legal and medical interpreters should handle the notes they take during the session. Is the answer different for legal vs. medical interpreters? Tune in to find out!  . Article originally found in INTERSECT weekly update from July 7, 2017… READ MORE »

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Self-Study and Training Materials Recommended by UMTIA Board

Looking to take your translation or interpreting to the next level? Interested in doing some self-study? These books come highly recommended from one of the UMTIA Board members who also teaches translation courses. The authors are all practicing translators, interpreters or translator/interpreter trainers in the fields concerned. Each volume contains activities and exercises as well as expert advice… READ MORE »

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Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation at the University of Maryland

. If you would like to learn more about the Graduate Studies in Interpreting and Translation program at the University of Maryland, there is an online information session on 5 April, 10:00am to 11:30am EST and an on-campus information session on 12 April, 3:30pm to 5:00pm EST in the Skinner Building, room 3117. To participate, contact… READ MORE »

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Workshops for Providers who Work with Interpreters – St. Paul, MN

While this two-part workshop series isn't meant for actual interpreters, we thought that interpreters might have contacts they'd like to share this information with! The Minnesota Literacy Council is sponsoring a couple workshops that will take place in St. Paul that are meant to educate providers, clinicians, etc. on how to best work with interpreters in their daily encounters. For… READ MORE »

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Sight Translation Guidelines for Healthcare Interpreters

Have you ever been asked to sight translate a document? Was it an appointment notice or prescription label? Was it an invoice or brochure? Was it discharge instructions or an informed consent? If you've ever been put in a sticky situation and not quite known how to respond to a request for sight translation, the NCIHC has… READ MORE »

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