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Medical Interpreters

Resource: Comparison of U.S. National Medical Interpreter Certifications

Do you want to know how the two U.S. national medical interpreter certifications compare? From the tireless Helen Eby comes a crystal clear comparison of the NBCMI and CCHI certifications. Her chart compares costs, pass rates, test content, what is required for CE credits. Helen’s Gaucha Translations website also has a checklist for medical interpreter training programs to be approved… READ MORE »

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At Rural Minnesota Hospitals, Deaf People Struggle for Interpreters

At Rural Minnesota Hospitals, Deaf People Struggle for Interpreters Minnesota Public Radio (Buluth) (12/26/17) Kraker, Dan On May 4, 2013, Julie and Matt Svatos had their first child, Stella, at the Fairview Range Medical Center in Hibbing. The delivery went fine, but the next morning a doctor gave them some bad news: Stella might have… READ MORE »

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Living in an Immigrant Family in America

Living in an Immigrant Family in America: How Fear and Toxic Stress are Affecting Daily Life, Well-Being, & Health Immigration policy has been and continues to be a controversial topic in the U.S. Over the course of the election and since taking office, President Trump has intensified national debate about immigration as he has implemented… READ MORE »

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¿Quiénes trabajan en el quirófano y qué hacen exactamente?

  Thanks to the ATA Spanish Language Division for sharing this post… READ MORE »

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Preparing to Interpret at a Conference: Lessons Learned from a Healthcare and Court Interpreter

During my training as a conference interpreter, some of the most important advice I got was this: Don’t crush your listener with a wall of sound.  But what does that mean? It took me a while to figure it out. Rather than parroting a word-for-word monotone (and likely meaningless) rendition of what the speaker’s saying… READ MORE »

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