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Teach Machines a Second Language! It’s Good for Them

If you’ve ever had a tussle getting Siri or Alexa to understand you, you see the problem. Like your spouse and children, they don’t always understand you. We all want our chatbots and automated services to improve. Here is a cool and recent strategy: researchers are teaching machines a second language. That’s right. If you… READ MORE »

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My Accidental Transition from Interpreting to Translating

Check out this article on the ATA's Interpreter Division about a Minnesota lady who attended the U of M and now works as a full-time Spanish to English translator specializing in the tourism, hospitality and airline industries.  … READ MORE »

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Podcast: The Rise of “Interpretainment”

  The interpreter's job is to translate what a speaker is saying while keeping their own opinions and feelings completely separate. Or is it? . When a motivational speaker wants to move an audience to action, how do you keep the main points from being lost in translation, unless the translator conveys the same feelings and… READ MORE »

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Google’s Most Translated word is …… Beautiful!!

  An article in slator alerted us: Google News Lab has worked with a data visualization company called Virtual Cinnamon to create an amazing, interactive display of international translation. The display features the top 10 nouns and adjectives translated into English by Google—and the top 10 words for 9 other languages. Play with it. Most of… READ MORE »

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Language Industry is Booming – Average Compensation is Down

Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau updated its economic statistics. Translation and Interpretation Services aced the stats.  . The following numbers don't address freelance business, which Slator, a language news website, says is likely in the billions of dollars. Still, here are a few key facts. From 2008-2015:  . Total employees in the language industry… READ MORE »

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