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Washington State: Leading the Way for Professional Interpreters

Washington State has long been a beacon for software development and language access. Traditionally, the state has paid interpreters through language companies. To cover their costs, companies would retain about 40% of the money the state pays for interpreting services. A bill in 2010 granted freelance interpreters unionization rights for appointments paid by two Washington… READ MORE »

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The ATA Podcast!

Did you know that the ATA has a podcast? They sure do! It’s titled “The ATA Podcast” and its 20th episode was just released on April 16th! The episode was about the ATA Chapters and Divisions. Subscribe now! Subscribe to The ATA Podcast and each time a new episode is released it will automatically download… READ MORE »

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UMTIA Recognized by CCHI for Contribution to Scholarship!!

  In CCHI’s latest newsletter, they recognize UMTIA along with Allina Health for contributing to interpreter professional development. UMTIA and Allina hosted an “Infection Control Workshop” in December 2017, and the profits were donated towards CCHI’s Discover HCI Scholarship fund. UMTIA is recognized for being “a true testament to how interpreters themselves support the profession and their… READ MORE »

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Minnesota Wrestles with Medical Interpreting

How aware are you of the situation facing medical interpreters in the state of MN currently? Did you know that healthcare interpreters must be listed on a statewide roster yet no one actually verifies the interpreters’ credentials or requires them? Did you know that the Department of Health reports that 20% of adverse medical events (those that are preventable)… READ MORE »

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Recent Changes in Medical Interpreter Certification

Did you know that organizations that test and certify competencies are usually certified by an organization that confirms their testing and validation methodologies? Both Health Care Interpreter Certifications (NBCMI and CCHI) were certified by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). However, NBCMI decided to not renew the accreditation of their Spanish language interpreter certification… READ MORE »

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