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PEN Translates Awards Go to Books from 15 Countries

PEN Translates Awards Go to Books from 15 Countries The Bookseller (United Kingdom) (11/09/17) Cowdrey, Katherine Books from 15 countries have received PEN Translates awards in the latest round of translation grants. Ros Schwartz, a notable literary translator and co-chair of the award panel, says that publishers are becoming “increasingly adventurous” in their choices. The… READ MORE »

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2017 ATA Conference Highlights Video Two UMTIA Board members attended the ATA Annual Conference this year. It was held in Washington D.C. at the end of October. Here is a video recap of the main highlights of the conference. There were more than 170 education sessions, close to 200 experienced presenters, and around 1,800 attendees from all over the world… READ MORE »

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**Important Changes to CEUs for CMI Certificants**

As of January 1st, 2018, the IMIA/NBCMI will no longer honor the CEAP/RID/ATA granted CEUs. Instead, CMI certificants, for example, will need to earn IMIA/NBCMI approved CEUs in order to maintain their certification. CMI certificants will need to obtain a proof of attendance of each workshop. A sign-in/sign-out proof of attendance template sheets will be made available at… READ MORE »

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Types of People You’ll Meet at Interpreters & Translators Conferences and How to Network with Them

In preparation for UMTIA’s upcoming conference this Saturday, here’s a fun read about the different types of people you’ll meet at conferences for translators and interpreters. Which one are you?? The Professional The Social Butterfly The Learner The Networking Introvert The Educator The Presenter Or someone else…? See the full article on Interpreter Education Online… READ MORE »

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Australia Issues New Standards for Legal Interpreting

It’s a blockbuster: 132 pages of detailed guidance on how to work with interpreters in courts. (All court interpreters: stand up and cheer!) Yes, this document comes from Australia, and laws vary around the world. But Australia was and remains an international leader in both general and community interpreting, with national certification (at four levels!)… READ MORE »

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