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VIDEO: Interview with Cristiano Mazzei, Former TRIN Program Director at Century College

Check out this 10-minute interview where Cristiano Mazzei explains the complexities of interpreting and translating, particularly conference interpreting in situations such as meetings with foreign dignitaries, like Trump’s recent summits with Vladimir Putin and Kim Jung Un. Here Cristiano talks about the knowledge & skills required, the element of trust, note-taking, topic preparation and much more… READ MORE »

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Federal Court Interpreter Certification Scandal Erupts Again

It’s a sad mess. Tony Rosado’s recent blog highlights the latest episode in the saga of U.S. federal court interpreter certification. To refresh your memory, the U.S. federal court interpreter exam (English-Spanish only), is the toughest certification in this country for interpreters. The annual official pass rate is between 4 and 5 percent. But last year interpreters… READ MORE »

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Decade-Old Canadian Apology Translated into Indigenous Languages

CBC News (Canada) (06/11/18) Harris, Kathleen A decade after it was delivered on the floor of the House of Commons, the Canadian government’s formal apology to survivors of the country’s early residential school system has been translated into seven indigenous languages. The apology, made by then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper on June 10, 2008, was meant… READ MORE »

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European Parliament Interpreters Forced Off Strike

European Parliament (EP) interpreters are angry—and they have just cause. They had a strong beef about their deteriorating work conditions. The concept of “interpreter as machine” is still with us. And the amount of time they were being asked to interpret coupled to the specific tasks screamed “fried brains.” So about 300 interpreters (nearly two… READ MORE »

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Singapore PAYS Translators $7,500 USD for Continuing Ed

Translators and interpreters: how would you like your government to pay you up to $7,500 USD to improve your skills? That’s what Singapore is doing. In fact, you can use the money to take courses on language technology, if that’s your weakness. All you need is three years of experience in the field to qualify. (Translation and/or… READ MORE »

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