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Protocol When Dealing with Objectionable Behavior by Colleagues in Interpreting

Read this enlightening take on what to do when you see a colleague interpreting in a less-than-satisfactory way…

Below are a couple key quotes and the full article can be seen on NAJIT’s blog here.

  • The list of sins can extend to those of omission as well as to those due to inexperience, lack of credentials and simply put, insufficient language proficiency in the colleague’s language pair. What to do if anything at all, indeed?
  • Before letting your brain get ahead of itself, ask yourself if the perceived behavior is indeed taking place.
  • Too many avenues for training, education, and certification are available now for us to accept substandard performance that diminishes us, the profession and the perception others have of our work.
  • So, depending on the severity of the behaviors…DO speak up I say, but do it politely, armed with specific written observations of the behaviors, demeanor and failures of this interpreter.
  • And if you’re on the receiving end, be open to getting feedback — good and bad; act humbly and then reflect, assess and welcome change when justified. Think of this as an unrecognized gift, a second chance to make a better first impression on your next assignment.

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