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Important Court Interpreter Action with LINGUA Dec. 15 – Sign the Petition!

Dear friend,

We launched an interpreter workgroup with the Minnesota Judicial Branch, but they aren’t going to take action on an adjustment to interpreter pay unless they feel pressure. We want to be treated with the same respect we show the MN judicial branch.
Join court interpreters on Friday, December 15 at 1:00pm as we deliver a petition to the administration demanding fair pay and dignity for MN District Court Interpreters. Wear something red to show solidarity! We will meet at the Minnesota AFL CIO, 175 Aurora Ave, St Paul 55103. Park at the AFL CIO for free if you have an American union made car or, if not, you can park in the Sears lot across the street also for free.
By signing this petition, you are standing with your colleagues for fair treatment. We have gone 20 years without a fair raise. We can’t wait any longer.
See you on Friday, December 15 at 1:00pm. We will be joined by several community organizations. Invite your friends and family to join us as well!
We have made history, because for the first time we are sitting at the table with the state discussing important matters to interpreters. On Tuesday, November 28, the Interpreter Workgroup, which was proposed by Jeff Shorba, the State Court Administrator, met for the first time. The group members on behalf of the state were co-chair and judicial district administrator Paul Patterson, judicial district administrator Tim Ostby, who was on the committee which crafted the original payment policy, David Pegg, staff interpreter in Hennepin County, and Polly Ryan, head of the Court Interpreter Program. There were four interpreters present on behalf of Lingua: Marianne McEvoy, Nadia Najarro Smith, Abdulaziz Sheikh and co-chair Sally Nichols.
The meeting was cordial with respect shown on both sides. The agenda and the time were short, so by the time we made introductions and agreed on the ground rules, including the taking of the minutes by Karen Mareck, also a state employee, there was just time left for Lingua to present the issues as we see them.
The group agreed to work on the cost of living adjustment and the payment policy, of which Lingua explained the most pressing issues, and to make recommendations to the Judicial Council and Jeff Shorba for their approval. We will meet again in December. Stay tuned for progress updates.
The work group is the chisel and Lingua/direct action is the hammer. If the chisel works alone it will not carve anything. If the hammer works alone it will smash everything. We have to keep them working together. Don’t let the friendly facade of the judicial branch trick you into believing they will do anything in the end without a lot of work from us.

In Solidarity,


We are a professional association for MN District Court interpreters affiliated with an international labor union. We are working to improve our profession and our working standards.

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