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Comprehensive Guide to the Translation of Birth & Death Certificates from English to Spanish

Thanks to UMTIA member, Laura Espondaburu, for sharing this excellent resource from Tremédica’s magazine, [email protected]!

For those who do translations of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, etc., this article will give you lots of useful advice! Translating this type of document involves many complexities and intricacies. Governing institutions with power over these documents differ between countries & cultures as do the different types of information deemed necessary to be included on these documents. Furthermore, at times, these certificates can include handwritten information that can be hard to decipher or the structure of names and dates can be different. Whatever the challenge, this resource will have helpful ideas! Also, the last few pages include a glossary of terms specific to these documents and also samples of these kinds of documents.

See the full text of the article here!






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