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Who is the certification for? (Hint: It’s not who you think!)

Yes, it’s a feather in our caps! Getting that letter saying we passed, congratulations you are now a certified interpreter, is a great feeling of accomplishment. Having those letters after our names, FCCI, CCI, USCCI, or whatever they may be, suddenly can make us walk a little taller and prouder. But, hey, the truth is that certification as a judiciary interpreter, be it state or federal, is not at all about us.

Certification is about the needs of the court system and the people who get tangled up in that system. Of course, professions have a way of evolving and taking on a life of their own. Judiciary interpreters all over the U.S. have come to believe this whole credentialing machinery was somehow created for their benefit. It was not.

Read the rest of Janis Palma’s NAJIT Observer post here.

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