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Volunteer Spanish Interpreters Needed at St. Mary’s Health Clinics!

Spanish Interpreters Needed at St. Mary’s Health Clinics!

St. Mary’s Health Clinics, which serve uninsured and under-served people by providing essential health care services throughout the metro area, is in need of volunteer Spanish interpreters who can help out at their clinics. Those with Spanish skills who aren’t quite as fluent as interpreters often serve as admitting receptionists. They don’t require a huge time commitment- volunteers serve 1 to 4 times per month at  4-hour clinic sessions. The talent their volunteers share is essential and appreciated. They have several locations in the metro area, so there may be a location close to you!

If interested, please contact Patricia Pettis, the SMHC Health Care Programs Coordinator, at 651-287-7772 or via email at [email protected].  The website is

And if you yourself can’t volunteer, pass this information on!

**Some UMTIA Board members have volunteered their services with St. Mary’s and found it to be a meaningful experience providing an important service to our community!**


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